Scalextric Ford RS 200 Haynes C3407
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Scalextric 1/32 scale slot car


Race: 1991 Rallycross Championship, Lydden Circuit
This famous rallying Ford RS200 is one of the very distinctive liveries sponsored by Haynes of Maidstone.  Trevor Hopkins won the British Rallycross Championship for four years in a Ford though never in the RS200 which he campaigned for many
seasons through the 1980s and 90s.

The Scalextric Model

Digital Plug Ready (DPR) - convert for use with the Scalextric Digital range in under sixty seconds using the C8515 Digital Plug.

Special Features

  • Digital Plug Ready
  • Easy Change Pick-ups
  • Magnatraction
  • High Detail


Motor - Mabuchi SP; 18k rpm; Gear ratio 11:36
Chassis - Rear Mounted Side-winder Motor; Rear 2 wheel drive
Magnet - Rectangular 1.5 mm; down-force 200g
Overall length - 125 mm
Wheelbase - 78 mm
Axle/Hub width - 54 mm Front; 54 mm Rear
Tyre diameter/width - 20(ext), 13(int) x 8 mm Front; 20(ext), 13(int) x 8 mm Rear
Weights - Car 78 gm
Scale - 1/32

Scalextric Ford RS 200 Haynes C3407


  • Item #: C3407
  • Manufacturer: Scalextric

Scalextric Ford RS 200 Haynes Rally Car C3407

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