Motor V12/3-21 21,500rpm 170g/cm@12v SIMS06
Click To Enlarge FC-130 Short can slot car motor

21,500 RPM Motor 170 gm-cm torque

Orange endbell with Logo

New can design with improved cooling

Improved magnets, balancing & bushings

Comes with 9 tooth inline pinion for Scalextric

2mm plain motor shaft

The V12/3 is an all new motor family from All the existing motor components have been studied and, when necessary, upgraded to a better specification: case, endbell, magnets and balancing have been redesigned and improved. The result is superb torque, braking and power packaged in 'S' can motors that are also very easy to drive.

The V12 motor is an instant drop-in upgrade for most cars, thanks to its double shaft; several versions are available with the proper pinion mounted according to which car the upgrade is planned for, but any V12 motor can be changed into a different configuration just by changing pinion side and/or dimension: for example, a motor in a Scalextric configuration can be changed to an inline standard Audi just by changing the pinion side. Motor V12/3-21 21,500rpm 170g/cm@12v SIMS06

  • Item #: SIMS06
  • Manufacturer: Motor V12/3-21 21,500rpm 170g/cm@12v SIMS06

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